About Association

About Association

National Association of Family and Small Hotels (OMH) was established in 2004, triggered by the need of the growing number of small hotels for an association that would represent their specific interests and continuously improve the quality of their offerings.

The mission of the Association of OMH is to bring together the best of family-run and small hotels in Croatia, which are characterized by uniqueness, distinctive quality and authenticity, ensuring an unforgettable experience for our guests, an influential voice and better business opportunities for our members, an advanced association for the tourism sector, and a social and environment - responsible partner for our country and local communities.

In order to achieve our main goal of improving business conditions of small and family-run hotels, the Association has set several objectives:
  • the creation of internationally competitive products based on quality, uniqueness, authenticity and individualization;
  • securing better conditions for purchase / acquisition of capital, goods and services,
  • gaining credibility and impact in relation to the holders of the tourism policy,
  • raising the quality of accommodation and services through our certification programs and quality education and counseling.
To be able to achieve these objectives, the association predicted activities in the areas of marketing, categorization, certification and inspection, lobbying, training, advisory services and dissemination of information. We have also stipulated the establishment of internationally recognizable market brand - Croatian family-run and small hotels.

National Association of Family and Small Hotels in its regular and associate membership has 146 hotels and 66 high-quality B&B, apartments and agro-resorts from all over Croatia, representing a financially independent interest group.

In the past several years the Association has initiated and implemented several highly successful projects, among which we must state 'Incentive for Success' and 'Incentive for family hotels' that provide more favorable financing sources for small hoteliers; then the production of the catalog 'Small and family-run hotels' in collaboration with CNTB distributed in 120,000 copies in eleven languages, contracts with 20 suppliers, including Konzum, Podravka, Croatia Insurance, SMS, HAK, etc., providing more favorable discounts to members and an annual bonus in turnover.

The establishment of the Association OMH undoubtedly is recognized as “the right project at the right time." In fact, bearing in mind the present moment, the competitive environment and more widespread awareness of the need for a strategic shift in the Croatian tourism offer towards emphasizing the local authentic values, maintaining and preserving environment, applying an individualized creative approach to the customer and the experiential aspect of the product, the Association OMH, as enterprising and easily adaptable group, has a great potential not only to contribute, but also to become an important strategic shift in Croatian tourism. In order that your sojourn in Croatia is pleasant and carefree and that you do not unwittingly infringe any local laws, we respectfully request that you check whether you have been correctly registered for the whole period of your stay in our country - from the day you arrive until the day of your departure.

This is an important and necessary procedure, particularly if you are staying in private accommodation. Not only will it guarantee you quality service but you will avoid possible problems, including jeopardising your insurance cover, a danger posed by the illegal operations of rogue agents who are not licensed to provide legal accommodation.

We thank you for your cooperation in this respect and we wish you a truly enjoyable stay.

   Small and family-run hotels (pdf)

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