Benefits for members

Benefits for members




Catalog of National Association of Family and Small Hotels is made with a very professional background with special attention to destinations where hotels are located and emphasis on natural and culturally valuable destinations. The catalog was created with the financial support of the Croatian Tourist Board. The first edition was printed in 60 000 copies in six different languages ​​(English, German, Italian, French, Slovenian and Croatian). Every year, a new edition of OMH's catalog is published, in compliance with overall demands for reprint. The last reprint has come out in 11 world languages ​​in 120,000 copies. Preparations for catalog reprint are made every year in the July in coordination with Croatian National Tourism Office. It is sent to the addresses of 300 travel agencies. Special attention is dedicated to gastronomy and active vacation, as they represent a joint product which combines quality and refers to all members. Hotel of every regular member is presented on a catalog page where interested parts can find a description of the destination along with the hotel's detailed information (website, e-mail address, price list, telephone number, address, number of rooms, and other required information), while associated members are listed at the end of the catalog by counties with all contact information, without photos and description of facilities. The catalog was created by a professional team of designers and content writers supported by the Marketing Working Group and the Governing Council. Catalog is created according to world standards and got the best reviews from the professional public. It has become a basic communication tool with agencies and the market.

The OMH National Association Catalog is distributed not only at all fairs where Croatian National Tourism Office performs, but also at ones where the OMH Association rents an exhibition stand. Every year, the OMH Association appears at 6-7 fairs where all members are represented through its catalog (WTM London, free Munich, ITB Berlin, Vienna, Gotteborg and others). All those who join after publishing the reprint of catalog are also represented at all fairs. We carry their promotional materials at each fair and represent them together with the catalog. During the OMH event at the fairs, all interested members can visit the stand of OMH Association and bring their own prospect of the hotel. Also, members can arrange meetings with their existing partners (agencies, tour operators) or future partners.


The OMH Association's web portal has been awarded twice within tourism category with VIDI TOP DESET, the largest competition for the selection of the best websites throughout the region. The WEB portal is defined as the most important tool of market communication and is in use of: service users - tourists and tourism agents (agencies, tour operators etc.), regional and local providers of tourism services that complement and enrich the tourist experience in the destinations of the Association members, advertisers (to economic entities that promote the sale of their products and services through the representation on the portal ) and the media. In order to increase market recognition on the OMH Hotel's web portal, hotels are also represented through six production groups defined by the marketing plan: active holiday hotels, business hotels, 'heritage' hotels, family-friendly hotels, gourmet hotels and wellness hotels. The portal's specialty is the interactive map of Croatia with a graphical search engine where all hotel members of OMH Association are drawn. In addition to improving communication and relationship with target groups, the portal will serve to increase the volume of work for members of the Association and respond to the needs of guests in a modern way. For the purpose of achieving this goal, an online reservation system has been implemented at the web portal, which is available to all regular and associate members and can be used without any charge on the hotel's own website. The OMH Association also established its own Facebook page through which all hotel members and portal OMH are promoted. A promotional AdWords campaign is in progress, which we use to advertise on the Google through the keywords of the Association's Website on all major broadcasting markets.

The OMH Association organizes video recording for all regular members, including the 'Virtual walk' shooting - a 360 ° panoramic view that allows inside view and hotel environment view, and video galleries featuring short views of hotel, exterior, and interior locations, hotel views and else. Virtual walks are also posted on the Web portal of the Association and can be used by our hotel members and at our own websites. Video galleries are also placed on YouTube on the portal and are regularly promoted on Facebook. Recorded video materials are also part of the digital brochure "Family and Small Hotels" on a promotional DVD that the association distributes to interested parts and is presented at fairs.

As a part of action 'hundreds of recommended agencies for each hotel', every member has access to a database of about 200 agencies. Each member, instead of 5 to 15 agencies with whom he has previously worked with, can easily contact one of the quality agency recommended by other members. Through this, a significantly larger number of agencies have been enabled to expand towards different markets (which will naturally result in higher capacity uptake), and creation of new distribution channels, as well as networking has improved. A list of recommended agencies was sent to all members of the Association, but the OMH Association Catalog was also sent to the same agencies (since all the agencies were not enough or even at all informed about all family and small hotels). Each member of the OMH Association can contact any recommended agency and establish business cooperation. The lists of listed agencies are listed on the portal intranet (for members). The OMH association collaborates with major tour operators to produce joint brochures and performs on targeted market segments.

Education of owners and managers of family and small hotels continues every year. Seminars organized by the Association, with the financial support of the Ministry of Tourism, are free for all members.

The aim of the contracting with suppliers is better cooperation with domestic suppliers, lowering the cost of inputs and better distribution. Commercial conditions are specifically defined with the aim of giving the members of the Association an agreement which assigns more favorable discounts for each member. The contracts have clearly defined special benefits and discounts for the members of the Association, if they decide to use the Association's agreements for better procurement and lower product prices for the mentioned partners. Signed contracts by any of the members are neither binding nor exclusive.

The area of ​​lobbying, inter-institutional cooperation and partnership will be a part of OMH's point of view presentation and cooperation with the leaders of tourism policy at national and local level, suppliers and others, especially financial institutions and all other bodies of state administration.

The aim of the National Association of Family and Small Hotels is to affirm and raise the quality of gastronomic offer of each member and OMH Association as a brand, with an accent on Croatian authenticity from all regions where hotels are located. The OMH National Association, in order to raise the competitiveness of its members and the new segment of family and small hotels, has launched a project of the gastro-cluster in the Croatian tourism offer.

Info Call Center of The Family and Small Hotel Association as a unique support system is intended for existing members of the OMH Association, due to their preferences for expanding additional content and for the future members of the OMH Association - entrepreneurs who plan to open a small family hotel or to renovate their apartments and guest houses. They have all the information they need, including the current incentives of the Ministry of Tourism, a manual for future hotels, a rulebook on categorization of accommodation facilities, etc. In Info Call Center we have created a database with providers of counseling services. In our database there are 70 experts, architects, interior designers and other consultants in hotel industry from all regions of Croatia that users can choose. Calling the OMH Executive Office on phone number +385 21 317 880 or by accessing the info-call center on OMH's portal and obtaining your username and password, you can get useful information using contact number, fax, e-mail or intranet.

OMH's membership Intranet

In progress.

User interface for online booking system OMH

The address where members are using the online booking system on the portal via username and password.

* you get username and password to access as a regular or an associate member when you set up your hotel on an online booking system, from the internet partner hosting the online reservation system OMH.

B2B portal for cooperation with partner agencies

The address at which members using the online booking system on the portal can access the business-to-business portal interface for agencies:

*use the username and password as the online booking. If you have forgotten the user information, please contact our office.

The Association constantly improves the benefits for members and notify them regulary. Also, all the useful information for their business are regularly sent to the e-mail and published on the intranet..
For more information, please feel free to contact us at the Executive Office.

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