About hotels

About hotels

Small family-run hotels are a new feature on the face of Croatian tourism. This latest segment encompasses all the qualities of our tourist supply with which you are already familiar, but with the addition of qualities whichhave only become apparent in recent years. And so, if it seems to you that this catalogue is something novel emanating out of Croatia, you are not mistaken.

So permit us to present you with just a few of the reasons which lead us to believe that small family-run hotels are here to commence a new chapter in the supply of our tourist opportunities.

Undoubtedly, the most important of all reasons is the fact which tells us that a guest feels most comfortable in an environment which is close, intimate and family-like. In other words, where one’s individuality is recognized, where individual wishes and preferences are respected; where one’s host knows exactly how to make each and everyone feel welcome, accepted, respected and yes, content. The warmth of the personal touch is irreplaceable and small family-run hotels are the very form of tourism in Croatia which succeeds in embracing such warmth. Somebody once described them as small hotels with a large soul.

In order to provide you with the opportunity of meeting the best that Croatia has to offer, each hotel presented in this catalogue is a genuine reflection of the tradition of the area in which it is located.

And, with the intention of enabling you to get to know authentic, indigenous local values, every hotel tells its own very individual story. There are many ways to do this - through a style of architecture which reflects the clime in which the hotel is situated, its specific interior decoration, the aromas and flavours of the local cuisine, a wine list typical of the locality, excursion tours to landscapes found nowhere else, sport and recreational activities which, for certain locations in Croatia, were simply tailor-made. The colour of local life can best be experienced through encounters with the local people and, of course, with the hotel owner. In other words, the true spirit of the locality can be experienced in every hotel.

And that is probably the common thread linking all the hotels presented in this catalogue, but which are different one from the other in so many ways.

Family-run Hotels of Croatia - Catalogue


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