Eco hotels OMH

Eco hotels OMH

Small and family run „ECO Hotels“ can be recognized by the eco-labels logo 'heart with a leaf' and are known as objects that lead the greatest environmental concerns in their area.
Croatian eco-label for tourist accommodation for small and family-run hotels follows the structure of the European Eco-label Eco-flower. Eco-certificate confirms that the property is using their energy rationally, that there are certain procedures each hotel must follow to prevent unnecessary loss of energy and resources.

Building must have all the necessary checkpoints and means to prevent energy loss. Also, the certificate relates to sorting and selective collection of waste generated as a by-product in the production process within the hotel.

The eco hotel OMH dishes are prepared according to traditional recipes, from domestic products grown in the area where the hotel is located.
Eco label implies spreading environmental awareness among staff, hotel guests and all those who come into contact with their services.
The project was created as a collaboration of the Association of Small and family-run hotels, and the Ministry of Tourism.

With the support of the Ministry of Tourism, the Association OMH, in cooperation with the „Croatian Cleaner Production Center“, produced in 2009 the study "Eco mark of the National Association of Family and Small Hotels", which defined and developed the criteria and procedures for the introduction of the ecological label for members of the Association . The award of an eco-label is one of the tools for environmental protection, which is directly targeted at the market. The main factor for the success of the environmental eco-sign are just guests. There is growing awareness in the society of the need to preserve the environment, and this is accompanied by the increasingly expressive wishes of individuals for an active role in the preservation of nature and the environment.

The benefits of having an eco-sign for hotels are multiple:  
  • Eco-sign demonstrates and proves high quality and environmental care
  • Reducing resource consumption such as water, electrical energy and waste reduction leads to cost savings
  • The commitment to environmental protection means healthy accommodation, healthy eating and a healthy environment for guests and employees, and this directly influences their satisfaction and contributes to meeting their expectations
  • Eco-sign contributes to better service quality and strengthens market position, and distinguishes hotels that own it from other