In the unique atmosphere and interior of our heritage hotels, you will experience some of the local history and feel the spirit of old times.

The spirit of old times and atmosphere that reflects the special attention given to every detail give a sense of peace and harmony. Such extraordinary and original environments create a sense of uniqueness and enrich you with new experiences of the local people and their lifestyles.

Unique and special atmosphere features every ‘heritage’ hotel. Smart and unique interior décor and surroundings blend into an extraordinary ambiance.

Our ‘heritage’ hotels especially include:
  • Unique buildings
  • Unique and stylish décor  
  • Flower arrangements in harmony with regional flora
  • Special attendance to decoration and furniture
  • Calm and soothing noise-protected environment

Every ‘heritage’ hotel is original and different. Wherever you may go in Croatia if you stay in 'heritage' hotel you will experience the local history and architecture.
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