Rugged coastline, clean beaches and plenty of sun, untouched nature, the scent of lavender, olive trees and vineyards is the picture of this famous island. The current name comes from the Greek island (Pharos). Center of the sunniest island in Croatia is a unique fusion of luxurious Mediterranean nature, rich cultural and historical heritage and elite tourism. It lies in a picturesque landscape on the south side of the island, surrounded by thick medieval walls, and the magical scents of lavender, Hvar is an inexhaustible treasure of sights, culture and atmosphere. With Spain's high fortress above the city, it boasts stunning views of the green islands and open sea. The main square in front of the cathedral next to the Arsenal and the oldest European theater from the 17th Century is a popular spot for tourists. Many museums treasure  valuable works of art, and the Benedictine monastery is known for the production of lace made ​​of agave fibers.

Source: Hrvatska turistička zajednica
Photo by: Sergio Gobbo
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