Our gourmet hotels are the best choice for those of you who wish to truly enjoy the local culinary specialties and excellent wine in a unique ambiance

Enjoying the culinary specialties, smells and tastes of local kitchens, fresh ingredients and wine tasting will enrich the visit of all who know how to truly enjoy food and wine. Visit hotels that will delight you with their menus and wine cards.

Every region in Croatia has its specialties and small and family hotels provide special ambiance and atmosphere for their tasting.  Gourmet hotels are the best choice for connoisseurs of fine delights and excellent wine and all who wish to savor the local cuisine. 

Gourmet hotels especially include:
  • Menu of local or authors' recipes
  • Use of local ingredients in food preparation
  • Carefully selected dishes and cutlery
  • Extensive wine lists
  • Food and beverage tasting

In our gourmet hotels we give special attention to diversity and quality of food and beverages. While staying in these hotels you can learn more about different Croatian regions by tasting local specialties and excellent wines from different areas.
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